Aeolian Survey

Aeolian Survey


  • Aeolian Survey Sketch: photographic image, virtual 3D model, and electroacoustic audio.
  • Duration: 6"
  • Year: 2016

Aeolian Survey is a collaboration between visual artist Hannah Imlach and composer Thomas Butler. An audio-visual work-in-progress, the project focuses on our relationship with energy, specifically the production and consumption of wind power.

The work is a sculptural aeolian harp which uses a pickup device or transducer to generate an electronic soundscape from wind energy. The first iteration of the project comprises a photographic image, which incorporates a 3D virtual model, and an audio sketch. When installed and documented in multiple sites, the sculpture will act as a synaesthetic mapping device, conveying the potential of wind power through sound.

This proposal was created during the Banff Research in Culture residency: On Energy, in June 2016. The audio sketch incorporates recordings of aeolian harps, recordings of electrical infrastructure found at the Banff Centre, and synthesized drones. The form and material of the proposed sculpture references early aeronautical designs — particularly those of Glasgow-based inventor Percy Pilcher — for harnessing airflow and wind currents.

Aeolian Survey Sketch