• Pre-recorded soundtrack.
  • Duration: 30"
  • Year: 2015
  • Commissioned by Sound Festival and DanceLive with funding from Aberdeen City Council.
  • Developed in part during a residency at Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen.
Sound Festival DanceLive 2015 City Moves Dance Agency Made in Aberdeen Aberdeen City Council

A relative of the common hourglass but adapted for use at sea, the marine sandglass was an essential navigation tool from antiquity until the nineteenth century. Comprising two glass bottles with a connecting tube, the sandglass measured time, ensuring the vessel remained on course.

This work is based upon a series of interviews and workshops conducted for this project in Summer 2015 in which people of Aberdeen discuss past, present and predicted cultural changes witnessed over their lifetimes in the North East on land and at sea.

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Production stills

Performance history

  • 23rd October 2015, The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen; Lucy Boyes, Mhairi Allan, Robbie Synge (performers), Francis Stevenson (lighting).