Six Maps of a Fragile Landscape

Six Maps of a Fragile Landscape


  • Instrumentation: solo cello
  • Duration: 14"
  • Year: 2016
  • Supported by the Hope Scott Trust
  • I. 1:1
  • II. 1:0.006
  • III. 1:25,000
  • IV. 1:100,000
  • V. 1:0.066
  • V1: 100,000,000
Hope Scott Trust

Six Maps for a Fragile Landscape is a piece for solo cello, written for Robert Irvine, which explores an imagined place. Each movement is based on a different map scale: six snapshots of the same terrain (and musical material) at different magnifications. After the scene-setting first movement, the second and fifth movements go over that same ground, but far more “zoomed-in”, whilst the third, fourth and sixth movements examine the world from greater distances. The map scale of the final movement is such that the whole of planet Earth could be drawn on an A4 piece of paper. Through looking at the world in different magnifications we see a place that simultaneously feels strong, yet is fragile; somewhere that protects us yet needs protecting itself.

Score excerpt

Click on the image to see a high-resolution score excerpt.

Performance history

  • 16th April 2016, Acharacle Parish Church, Acharacle; Robert Irvine.